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BREWING WATERS It does have some importance the type of water you use in your brews We usually prefer well and distilled waters rather then that water which pours from the tap at the kitchen sink Distilled Water is used … Continue reading

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Lunar Energy

Originally posted on Good Witches Homestead:
While the majority of the Countries around the world use a Solar calendar to establish the length of a year based on the Earth’s rotation around the sun, some countries and groups use a…

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Rhodochrosite Properties

Originally posted on Lavender Moon Crystals:
Rhodochrosite Rhodochrosite: colour range from pale pink to deep red, yellow, tan, orange and brown. Those crystals in the rose colour range are highly collectable. This stone has been called a “stone of love…

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Crystal of the Week: Cinnabar

Originally posted on Holistic Experiment:
Cinnabar is often referred to as the Stone of Wealth and Manifestation and is often known as the Merchant’s Stone because it increases the wealth of a business person. It’s considered a stone of transformation,…

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Crystal Healing with Tumbled Stones

Originally posted on Ocean Dreams Reiki and Crystals:
Are you a Crystal Healer or just someone who loves to have crystal eneegy in your space. Then you may enjoy this deluxe crystal healing kit, I put together. I personally love…

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Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Black Cats

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
Black cat tail used in curing granulated eyelids – “The tail of a black cat, drawn across the eye everyday, is the prime remedy for granulated eyelids; some healers even claim to have…

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Ashwagandha Energy Bites!

Originally posted on Two Drunk Witches:
I’ve been making energy bites on a regular basis for years now, mostly on the premise that if I have something easy and satisfying to grab at the ready, then less likely are the…

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