Ashwagandha Energy Bites!


Two Drunk Witches


I’ve been making energy bites on a regular basis for years now, mostly on the premise that if I have something easy and satisfying to grab at the ready, then less likely are the chances I’ll succumb to inhaling a bag of tortilla chips or a half-block of cheese. Energy bites are easy to make – in fact, I literally never use a recipe, instead gathering up whatever I may have in the pantry at the time and creating something a little different every couple of weeks.

IMG_9746 Edited

I’ve also been trying to find as many ways as possible to integrate herbs into my daily diet, not only for the maintenance of good health, but because I also feel it’s important to gain as much firsthand experience working with and consuming plants as possible in order to inform my own understanding of how they work in my body, and so that…

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