Crystal of the Week: Cinnabar


Holistic Experiment

Cinnabar is often referred to as the Stone of Wealth and Manifestation and is often known as the Merchant’s Stone because it increases the wealth of a business person. It’s considered a stone of transformation, magic, alchemy, and healing.

Historically, this stone was considered as the alchemists’ stone because it contains mercury. Alchemists believed that mercury could be transmuted into gold. It was used as pigment in Stone Age cave art and was used as makeup in the 1700’s.

This stone is often used to aid communication and inspired thinking and can be used to align all of the chakras as well as release fear and resentment. I highly recommend to only use the polished version of cinnabar because it contains mercury.

If you meditate with this stone, you will understand the reasons as to why you’re pulling back abundance from your life so that you can take an appropriate action…

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2 Responses to Crystal of the Week: Cinnabar

  1. Paula Cas says:

    Cinnabar was one of my favorite stones until I did a little more research on the geology of the stone:
    Cinnabar is a toxic mercury sulfide mineral with a chemical composition of HgS. It is the only important ore of mercury. It has a bright red color that has caused people to use it as a pigment and carve it into jewelry and ornaments for thousands of years in many parts of the world. Because it is toxic, its pigment and jewelry uses have almost been discontinued. …

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