Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Black Cats


Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Black cat tail used in curing granulated eyelids – “The tail of a black cat, drawn across the eye everyday, is the prime remedy for granulated eyelids; some healers even claim to have cured cataract with this simple remedy, reinforced by a few ‘old sayin’s.’” ~Randolph OMF 138

Black cat killed and used to cure warts – “A group of old-timers in Phelps county, Missouri, contend that the best way to dispose of warts is to carry a black cat, freshly killed, into a graveyard at night. Some say that the dead cat must be placed on the grave of a person buried the same day, and if this person has led a wicked life, so much the better.” ~Randolph OMF 130-131

“Kill a black cat and put it in a gunny sack. Then take the sack and bury it someplace where you will never go back.” ~Parler FBA III…

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