Spells Not Working? Reasons Why And How To Fix It!


The Witch & Walnut

acircle3If only it was as easy as snapping our fingers that magic would simply appear. Unfortunately its not so simple and we have to make like cats and practice patience. Moving energy around and sending ripples out to the world isn’t an overnight turnaround. We have to work at it, sometimes for a long time depending on what your end game is.

Having said that, I come from a tradition that when “most” spell work is done, its done! We “don’t look back” Meaning once its done, that it. Don’t think about it, don’t talk about it, trust that what you did will cause some change even in the smallest way. Well this can suck sometimes so we learn to work around it.

Here I have listed Reasons Why and How to Fix It!

1.How are you feeling when you are doing your spell work? I bet pretty optimistic…

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