Creatures such as Witches will be walking the Earth during this Full Moon Night

It will be normal to feel a bit uneasy

For the Witches upon this Evening will be strong with mischief beautifully sexy and brimming with power

While you sleep within the Cloak of Darkness there will be unspeakable delights taking place

So let me wake you up…

Under a Witch’s Spell do you dare to delve beyond human consciousness

I will still your mind as the captivating effect of me shall continue for hours

If you are ready to be fascinated then embark yourself on a journey with me into the unknown a place far from the mortal world

Here I can help you forget about your everyday earthly senses

Instead of fighting it or judging me just allow yourself to become curious

Mischief making begins at Midnight while goodness is at its weakest point

Let me bring back that good olde magickal feeling into your life once again…It is necessary to have an intention a very clear idea of what you want

An image burned into your mind of what it is to be attained from the SpellWork you are undertaking

Bring forth your inner strength

Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the energy we are putting out there into the Universe

Send his mind into a tizzy with your pure innocence

His memories will chase him with your pure touch on him

Have enlightened thoughts
Enchanting actions
Charming words

Use Magick to your advantage

And all before the sunlight peeps into the night

So tonight Ladies…put a little spark into your step along with all your beautiful Magick Energy


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11 Responses to BEWITCHED

  1. You always have me curious! 🙂

  2. karlspain says:

    Cool site, I should be using you to do graphics for my inventions!

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