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MAGICKAL HAIR RINSE Hair Magick has been considered by most to be a very under appreciated form of the Craft Hair is a part of ones body it holds Intentions Energies Powers During the times of the Witch Trials every … Continue reading

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How to Say the Words of Magick

Originally posted on The Gallery of Magick:
We have great magick coming this year. But first, a small gift. Over on the Pronunciation and Spelling page there’s now a video (just over ten minutes long), showing you everything you need…

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Let’s Plant Some Herbs – Selecting Containers, Soil Mixes for Containers

Originally posted on Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs:
Selecting Containers: Decorative pots, barrels, and tubs are beautiful and convenient, and there are multitudes of styles. They lend instant color and provide a focal point for space, whether indoors or out.…

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Homemade Medicine

Originally posted on Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs:
Guide to make your own simple, effective herbal remedies Making our own herbal medicines and body care products can save money and improve our health, and it’s much easier than you may…

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Make Ahead- Chocolate Espresso Pot De Crème!

Originally posted on Chef Gigi Gaggero:
? Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups whole milk 1/2 cup heavy cream 6 large egg yolks 6 ounces good quality 60-70 % chocolate,finely chopped 6 ounces good quality 80% chocolate 80%,finely chopped, plus shavings for…

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The “Sweet 16” – Plant These For A Healthy Garden

Originally posted on Mystical Magical Herbs:
Here are 16 plants to use strategically for a healthier garden this summer. Basil: repels aphids, flies, mosquitoes, and mites; also has fungicidal properties. Plant basil next to tomato plants to repel hornworms. Borage:…

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