The “Sweet 16” – Plant These For A Healthy Garden


Mystical Magical Herbs


Here are 16 plants to use strategically for a healthier garden this summer.

Basil: repels aphids, flies, mosquitoes, and mites; also has fungicidal properties. Plant basil next to tomato plants to repel hornworms.

Borage: repels tomato hornworms and flea beetles.

Catnip: repels ants, fleas and mosquitoes.

Chamomile: repels cabbage moths.

Chives: Plants chives around roses and lettuce to repel aphids.

Lavender: repels slugs and flies.

Marigolds: repel aphids, bean beetles and mosquitoes. Plant marigolds between rows in the garden or in containers for deck or patio.

Mint: repels aphids, cabbage moths and cabbage worms.

Nasturtium: repels aphids, spider mites and white flies.

Onions: repel ants, aphids, moles and borers.

Oregano:repels cucumber and squash beetles.

Petunia: repels aphids, leaf hoppers and Mexican bean beetles. Plant throughout the garden, especially next to green beans.

Radishes: Plant radishes around squash and cucumbers to repel beetles.

Rosemary: repels mosquitoes, flies and…

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