Magical Incense – Recipe Included!


The Witch & Walnut

fb0b7f955e64ab40b201be8c00032cddWe all love to burn some incense and there are lots of store bought varieties out there that can meet your every need. But before you hit the “buy now” tab, why not try and make your own and put some good love and energy into it!  We all love to burn it for a variety of reasons, but I think you will find that this one is a bit more special. If you are looking for a go-to incense blend for your magical workings, I think you will be pleased with this one.

When I saw that @DrayvenAuria  had on her “to-do list” to stock up on some homemade magical incense, I asked and hoped she would share her recipe. And she did!

See below and give it a try!

Magical Incense Blend & Mixing Method – all equal parts

1) Cedar
2) Dragon’s Blood resin
3) Rosemary

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