Feeling a bit Superstitious…are we?


Spilling Salt is considered bad luck so we take a pinch of that spilt Salt and throw it over our left shoulder to mitigate the bad luck from coming our way

The left shoulder is the shoulder of the devil where as the right shoulder sits our guardian angel who is giving us a warning by the spilling of the salt that evil is nearby


Is prepared and used for

Absorbing toxic energy
Drive away evil

Black Salt is an invaluable product in any Witch’s Cupboard as it can remove unwanted negative energy from the

Property she lives in
Remove unwanted guests
Remove jinxes

Black Salt can be purchased but it is very easy to prepare homemade which I have always found to be more powerful once you grind into it your very own magickal energyBLACK SALT RECIPE

Have ready your Mortar and Pestle

Get some good coarse Sea Salt crystals that are non-iodized

Add to that one of these that you have handy around the house


Scrapping from an Iron Pot that has been used over an open fire pit

Ashes from the fireplace

Black Peppercorns

Scrapping from a kitchen cook pot

Mix together equal parts in the Mortar

Grind with the Pestle deep and hard until it has become one always putting yourself into it

All your

Fire…you hold within yourself

After that is completed pour into a glass bottle and lid it tightlyNow that you have the Black Salt what do you do with it?

Here are a few things to get your mind pumping…

Toss the Black Salt in the path of an enemy or sprinkle it into his footprints to encourage him to go away and never return
To rid your home or place of business of unwanted negative energy sprinkle Black Salt around the inside of the property then sweep it out the door especially do this right after someone you do not want returning walks out the door to ensure his negative thoughts never come backFor Black Salt Curses mix together equal parts

Black Salt
Black Pepper
Graveyard Dirt

Grind it well with the Mortar and Pestle then glass bottle it and label it with what has been ground inside not to get mixed up on what is in each bottle for after it is blended together it will look like just Black Salt which it is not…then Curse away!

You can also blend Black Salt for Protection with any of a Witch’s Blessed Herbs here are a few

White Oak
Blue Vervain


The smell of Salt is intoxicating as it awakens the very Witch that lives inside of me

The Witches Circle is infinite having no beginning and has no end a continual ring of protection and power to raise the Energy of my Magickal WorkingsSalt has been used for Centuries to keep unwanted energy and forces out allowing in only that which is welcomed for the Sacred Ritual

A Circle is Cast for

Raising Vibrations

Salt is sprinkled to entrances and back doors to keep out evil and evil spirits
A Salt Ring under the bed for protection from nightmares and terror
An Olde Witch Tradition is to lay down a pinch of Salt in each corner of a room before preparing a Spell

Witches use

Table Salt
Sea Salt
Kosher Salt

Her Circle is sacred forever cast
To hold her safe for at long lastBlack Salt is prepared during the Dark of the Moon

If at anytime you should have the need to dispose of Salt it must be buried back into the Earth

An Olde Witches Tale saying…

“Salt does what you tell it to”


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9 Responses to SALT SALT and more SALT

  1. Salt is so magical even while it’s within the earth

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  3. I always have salt, as you said never without it. Have never made black salt

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