A Spell To Get Into Someone’s Thoughts & Dreams


The Witch & Walnut

Quill-paper-inkHello and Welcome back!

This is a great little spell to cast when you want to place yourself into someones thoughts or dreams. There are so many reasons why you may want to try this! The only requirement is that this person has to know you. Even if you’ve only met for a moment. It could be that they know you through someone else, that will do as well. Upon reading this you may think this is only for love or attraction, but it is not. This little spell is so much more versatile then that!

This can be used for so many reasons, let me just list a few:

  • You have a job interview and you want to make sure they remember you
  • You are up for a promotion, or you are wanting a promotion and it hasn’t been offered to you yet.
  • You want to send a warning…

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