She became someone who first started to popularize WitchCraft in the USA

Born in Wewoka Oklahoma Laurie Cabot is one of the most high profile Witches of the World

Now at 84 years olde she journeys her life into a special place…saying

“I’m using my time carefully now. I want to make sure that I leave something for people to gain knowledge. I don’t know everything. There are people that know far more.”

~ LAURIE CABOT ~She had become the official Witch of Salem Massachusetts by Governor Michael Dukakis

As where her famed Witch Shoppe in Salem called

The Cat The Crow and The Crown

Became a very popular place for Witches around the World to frequent and purchase those much needed Witchy supplies

Her first shoppe opened up on a mere $250 worth of stock in the spring of 1971Laurie Cabot was the epitome of what every contemporary Witch inspired to be

She was a pioneering Witch with her own traditions as her shoppe was filled with the wonders and mystery of the Olde Ways of WitchCraft

Very unfortunately for everyone not just the Witches and Warlocks but as well as thrill seekers and those who want to be entertained by curiosity Laurie Cabot’s Witch Shoppe closed in 2012

After 40 years of business…

Here are just a few of Laurie Cabot’s Signature Products

Each one is handcrafted by Laurie Cabot and is charged with Laurie’s own energy and according to Ancient TraditionSpell Bottles that contain


And other items with the proper intention each bottle handmade and sealed with Laurie’s own majick“Whosoever owns this majick bottle shall have all majick enhanced by lighting struck willow”


The Spell Bottles are one of a kind

And are meant to remain closed

DO NOT OPENLaurie Cabot has written several books which are very helpful to those who want to learn about WitchCraft and are beginning down this spiritual path as much as her books encourage and enhance the workings of the seasoned Witch to add to the knowledge already handed down from ones Ancestors or those who have traveled down on their own means of education and experienceHer books bright with the writings of her own magickal and mystical experiences in life

Laurie Cabot was schooled as a young child together with three Witches who helped Laurie in Craft practices

She is serious about her WitchCraft

Vowing that she would live the rest of her life “totally as a Witch”

That she would wear nothing but traditional Witch clothing and accessories

Wear her Pentacle Pendent displayed along with the traditional Witchy black eye makeup

And walk this Earth in her long black robe…


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  1. laure is such an inspiration but then i started to know about some of the controversy behind her as well so i was a bit uneasy i still view her from time to time but i don’t always agree with everything she says

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