“Raising and Releasing Personal Power” By Ellen Dugan



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Stand up with your feet a little ways apart. You should stand in a position that feels comfortable to you, but do not close the energy off by crossing your arms or legs. Leave your arms at rest by your sides. Now imagine your personal power or picture your aura, if you prefer growing bright around you. Close your eyes, if it will help. Imagine a little glimmer of bright golden energy running along your skin, only an inch or two high at first. When you can picture this shimmer of light, move on.

Okay, now I want you to make that energy expand and grow larger. Imagine that it surges and grows out into a full, shining halo of bright light around your whole body. (As you imagine this, you may feel a tingle) Hold that expanded energy in place for a moment.

Visualize what you want to do…

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