Friendship Candle Spell [Spell Saturday #56]


This Crooked Crown

Friendship spells are less common than love spells which is a shame because we, as humans, enjoy having love of all kinds, including friendship. This spell’s good if you have an idea of the kind of friend you want but can’t seem to attract someone like that.

Friendship Candle Spell by This Crooked CrownWhat you’ll need:

  • Pink or red candle
  • Printed out selfie / photo of yourself
  • Fire-proof bowl
  • Friendship-drawing herbs or oils such as gardenia, sweet pea, or rosemary (optional)

Dress your candle in friendship drawing oils, herbs, and/or energy. A candle shaped like a person is a good choice for the candle but optional. You can use a regular candle for this spell.

Place your candle on top of your printed out selfie and place that inside the fire-proof bowl. This is done for safety reasons.

Light the candle. Spend some time thinking or talking about the kind of friend you’re looking for. Do…

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