Romany Spell


Angel Remedy

I'm a Genie in a Bottle

This is an Ancient spell I found digging through archives and meeting Novice Witches alike. I may not be a novice, per say, but I do consider myself a novice – always. I love learning and exploring everything that is me, now and before. The reason for being.

This spell has some literary references and poetic value, so if you find any citations feel free to contact me.

The original author is unknown, so I plan on preserving this spell with no name. If you do find one, tell me who it is and i’ll include it immediately. 

27ae25eba12b53642b14fac46eff7c4a.jpgThis spell is used to contact past self. To tell past self about now, through joining and merging thoughts. What I mean to say is, you will be able to dig through past archives without interference from the mind. You will be able to find thoughts easily, at the click of a…

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