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SHAMAN The Shaman is a quite unique individual with talents and skills that blend with the force of Nature Their skills combine knowledge and wisdom they gained from an inner World Journey The Shaman has the Medicine Power to heal … Continue reading

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Let Go of Attachments

Originally posted on Beneath the Hawthorne:
The first lesson to master before we delve into the forgotten history of magic is this: We must identify and release the attachments in our lives. We all have them and they often blind…

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“Blue Shield of Fire Visualization” By Ellen Dugan


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Originally posted on deletedangel:
Flash of light midnight flight fallen angel those witches do sight… ? …and with our power with all our might ? …we spell and cast to bring you light.. ? Quite the white knight whom, invite…

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Release the Toxic and Negative Energies from your Life

Originally posted on Cerridwen's Wisdom:
Life is too short to be weighed down by toxic and negative energies (or people)! Many times we cling to these negative energies because we feel obligated, or do not know how to let…

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