I could really use some distractions right now…couldn’t you!

We all do different things to clear our minds and change our thought patterns

To take ourselves on a temporary journey deep into the unknown

A place to break away from the outside world of trouble and strife


So for me I will open a book

There are 100s of books to choose from it can become difficult to sort out the useful works from the tripe

All that knowledge to share inside a book once I get my hands on it and soak it all inI would tell you to read everything you can get your hands on and take from it what you will

For me I will find a place just a quiet simple little spot I’ll call it my haven open a book that will serve me as my best friend

Sometimes that spot is outdoors

Like an afternoon picnic with cheese and fruit and of course a side of coffee which always goes well with a good book

In between the paragraphs of my book I’ll pause for a moment and watch a bird in flight

Or the squirrels scampering around the big olde Oak tree a few feet away

If I’m lucky enough and loose track of time the wonders of the sky show me the glory of its Sunset

I have been known to carry along with me a book of blank pages

A book that will become a story of my magickal characters enchanted scenery and my own unforgettable experiencesIf only I could get it published…

Could they embrace the wisdom I have pouring out of me the experiences I have documented or the knowledge I worked so hard to understand and collect

Would they look upon my writings as nothing more then fiction

Thinking of those words as unbelievable

Could they truly see me as I am as I stand within my own power

Power that is not at all visible to the naked eye

A creature such as myself who has lived my life mostly in the darkness of the night

Someone who takes an active part in my own existence

I who lived out my dream of becoming a student of magick turning into a witch with powers and believing I’m just like any other person

But then why would they be worthy of knowing about all my hidden secretsThey wouldn’t be…and therefore that chapter comes to a close

So from a bunch of used books all dusty from life and pages yellow with age

Pages I must very gently turn or they will crumble into eternity

A library I built upon the lives of others

With their lessons running through my veins

Their experiences becoming mine

As those pages taught me how to light my soul on fire

I shall take from those books along with me all the words they speak words that have taught me to realize I hold something special inside of me

A lesson to actually feel what I am experiencing

Giving me a magickal spark to embrace

And always leaving a smile on my face to keep what is truly going on in my mind unpredictable

And my wish…

Is that you too can find what you are searching for…all within a good book!


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5 Responses to WITCHs LIBRARY

  1. Books can be such a wonderful way to document things and even make it any sort of way you want it and for instance i would read silver ravenwolf knowing that shes not great as what some people would say but her rituals and spells are good to make as a base to add or change

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      Well…between you and me…I found her books a bit boring…not exactly getting to the unveiling of the subject she had initiated


      • Her triple circle casting ritual is still kind of popular on tumblr lol (i didnt put her name but I just wondered if people knew it was hers anyways) also do you know anything on circle casting in general

  2. The feel of leather and paper far exceeds reading on kindle or virtual devices ‘ The Magic Pen Writes and As It Writes ‘ is a great saying for a Witches library as this us another great post Jinx X Ian ⭐️😊👍

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