Use of Core Materials in Wands


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A magical core is a material placed magically into the core of the wand running from end to end. This may have a physical form that carries the enchanted essence, but it may also be completely astral. Some wandmakers like to include material articles inside their wands, such as feathers or hair, either concealed in a compartment in the handle or inserted into the hollowed center of the wand’s shaft. Trees that have a pithy center to their branches can be hollowed out with a wire or other tool. Other types of wood can be drilled to create a physical hole.

People have included actual bird feathers, herbs, a lock of their own hair, and drops of their own blood. All of these inclusions can make the wand that much stronger for the user as she feels more closely bonded to the instrument.

Franz Bardon and some mages of the…

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