Witch Bottle


The Black Grimoire


To make a witch bottle, you must first select the bottle you want to use. Your bottle may be clear or tinted. If you’re working with a colored bottle, choose a color that suits what you are doing. Tinted bottles are great for spells that use color correspondences. Once you have a bottle, wash it with warm soapy water, or cleanse it in the ocean. After you have washed it, magickally cleanse it, and bathe it in the light of the full moon. When the bottle is clean, it is time to fill it. There are a lot of options when it comes to contents. Here are a few examples:

  • To make a witch bottle to aid in grounding, fill the bottle with sand, small rocks, granite dust, and other such materials. Seal it with colored wax or a cork, then place the bottle in view when it is…

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  1. chris jensen says:

    Hello darling!

    i see sharing some of your secrets?

    May the rest of your day, be sunshine sweet,
    filled with delightful treats…


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