The Magick of Gender is very simply a Man and a Woman each contributing his and her own characteristics of their mental gifts psychic powers and sexual energies to a Magickal Task

As Man and Woman hold together a Chalice of Wine to be consecrate to be used as a Magick working tool

Their own individual sexual powers intertwine making Magick together

Subtle forces rushing together balancing their influence on each other

Warmth comes over them

Forces are joined

Their souls mate

As this extension shall enrich them for a particular Magickal operation yet to be performedFirst discussing that objective to make sure that they have it clearly in their minds what they want to accomplish

Become aware of each other doing so they must be still for a moment looking into each others eyes and feel a true connection

Building up some sexual type unity to the highest peak possible

Reaching to a great level of intensity

No outside thoughts

All their attention is directed at each other

Activating all their levels of a Magickal force in unison with each other

Interwoven into harmonyFeel the freedom from the shackles that bind

That great creative force of energy releasing its blindness of reality

Exposing the composition of an artists palette with a wide spectrum of colors to paint the wonders of this Magickal Spell about to be performed

Nature no longer imprisoned

With Her vulnerable aggression She makes Him feel empowered

He begins to take Her pieces to understand what She is made of then gently puts Her back together

This is what makes a Woman what she is

Reaching to the heart of Magick we discover the true natures of Man and Woman…❤


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