Making your own Runestones



I know a twelfth one if I see,
up in a tree,
a dangling corpse in a noose,
I can so carve and colour the runes,
that the man walks
And talks with me. – Odin in Hávamál.


Runes and runic alphabets are derived from ancient Germanic traditions, where they were used for communication, divination and (it is said), to bring the dead back to life.

Runes were traditionally carved into stone or wood and used to send messages, record laws, establish ownership of property, and to memorialize the dead.

Today runes are carved into runestones or inscribed on objects for different purposes. Let’s have a look at runestones.


Runestones can be purchased at esoteric stores, or online. You can also make your own! There is nothing quite like your own unique rune stone set! You will also find that your readings are more accurate, because the stones are imbued with…

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