Pineapple Weed


The Dancing Herbalist

We interrupt our program on Herbal Actions to bring you this fun herbal monograph! Can you find this fun herb on your sidewalk?

Scientific Name: Matricaria discoides

Family: Asteraceae, Daisy family

Common Names: rayless chamomile, pineapple weed

pineapple-weed_0621_095231Description: The plant ranges from 5 to 40 cm tall and looks similar to chamomile but lacks the classic white ray flowers in the inflorescence. Leaves are 1-5 cm long. The fruit is a dry fruit with 2-5 veins that do not open when mature (Mittelhauser, Gregory, Rooney, & Weber, 2010). The flower is globular, yellow-green composite flower and is related to being button like. Flowering occurs from late spring to fall. The smell of pineapple is a key characteristic in determining this drug and is observed when crushed (Brill, 1994).

This plant is most often observed in poor soil and in cracks in the sidewalk. It enjoys direct sunlight (Brill, 1994). Tilford (1998)…

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