I kept myself bothered by past failures present guilts and tremendous regrets

Seemingly I found myself devoted to all those regrets perhaps I had some type of fear about my tomorrows that lie hidden in the regrets

As guilt began to soothe my troubled mind and calm my jittery nerves

The future was lost in my failures…


Should you feel you are losing control of your emotions

Whenever destructive thoughts enter your mind


Detrimental feelings have taken over your heart and your soul

Write them down on paper

Sprinkle the paper with nine drops of Nirvana OilNirvana is regarded as the state of perfect blessedness as the Oil of Nirvana is the cleansing absorption of the Soul

Put a dab of the Nirvana Oil on your

Behind the Knees
Across the Heart
Soles of the Feet

With your written thoughts on paper and sprinkled with Nirvana Oil within the flame of a White Candle burn those destructive words

{{some have found the paper burns easier if scrolled into a cylinder}}

The ash to be buried in a small freshly dug hole in the Earth

Do this same exact ritual once a day or night for 9 consecutive days writing down the same feelings each time and dabbing yourself with the Nirvana Oil

Confidence in your power to banish injurious thoughts from the mind shall be yours


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