Dangerous with passion and pleasure

A twist thrown into the mix to cast your own Spells into power

Incantations cleanse yourself Spiritually as a fire burns to achieve a more infinitely powerful and success Spell

Under the Practice of VooDoo you can begin to alter your future and make things happen

VooDoo Spells take a full 9 days to complete

3 blessed anointed candles

1 VooDoo Doll stuffed with herbs and stitched together

Gris Gris bag filled with suitable things for the VooDoo Spell

9 days worth of drawing Incense

9 days worth of special herbs and roots

9 days worth of Essential Oils

Having a clear understanding what it is you have to do during this very intense VooDoo Spell

For 9 consecutive days to concentrate on each of those 9 days you perform the Spell to bring to you the VooDoo Spirits that will help to make things happenThe Ancient VooDoo Spirits will enter into your Ritual

All you need to do is really want what you are asking for

If you believe in your intention it will happen because the powers of a VooDoo Spell have no limits

Be tempted to practice harnessing the Power of the Ancient Spirits of VooDoo who will then work tirelessly to better your life in a powerful blend of WitchCraft and VooDoo

The name “VooDoo” means Spirit

A serious Practitioner will compose her own personal and private Words of Spell

Along with the Tools that apply to what is to be accomplished such as

Moon Phase
VooDoo Doll
Incense etc

Using full concentration and the power of suggestion together are the mighty mystical forces which will bring success to one’s efforts

She begins to shout out the chant her words of prayerWith every movement she seduces the Ancient Spirits of VooDoo to come join her

Spirits I see Spirits come to stand
Spirits I hold in my right hand
Come to me by sea or land
Spirits I hold in my left hand

On the 9th day of the VooDoo Spell during the dark of the Evening Sky go mad with dance as danger lurks and your ultimate goal is cast for at this point there will be no stopping it


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6 Responses to VooDoo

  1. toad2014 says:

    Hello darling!

    i am truthfully sorry, ifinn you began to worry….

    It’s long story an once again i will need to inquire another computer, but believe me i will fill you in one way or another…

    In short i was in a box an when they let me out i was miles from any city, which is all good, now i’m on my way back after stopping back into the city to pick a couple of things, to where they don’t want me….


    ifinn there was anybody i miss in comments it surely is you….

    hugs & kisses chris

    • toad2014 says:

      i’ve just stopped at the library in waiting for the community bike to open….

      • hocuspocus13 says:

        I have a library card

        Yes I do I just just there this morning


      • toad2014 says:


        There something really screwed up about the timing within the net or the world,

        that i’m getting these comments, like week late..

        i have library card too, only in this library it does work… It seems that the city has it’s own system…

        Now about the vampire library, interesting thought… ifinn you have access…

        Once again, i am grateful to be able to read and answer your comments…

        lov chris

    • hocuspocus13 says:

      You were on my mind yesterday

      I hadn’t heard from you in a while

      I do have a strong feeling no matter what takes place you can most definitely handle yourself


      • toad2014 says:

        Hell! An damn, i do miss our comments,
        and been in new area of bc canada.. Let me tell you that they just don’t like me, which all good, however pay backs are a bitch…. A may taste so much sweet ifinn i let them believe they are winning…

        i’ve yet lost another computer an now have broken the screan on my phone so it is really hard to make posts…

        i lov
        the fact you have confidence in me…

        Untill next time darling,
        tis a sweet long kiss within
        open lov…


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