How Toxic Relationships Can Affect Your Health


Holistic Experiment

Toxic Relationships are pretty well known for damaging one’s self-esteem and how easily it drains our energy. It’s often characterize by insecurity, egoism, dominance, and control, risking our very being by staying in such relationship. It can take many forms, from your partner, friends, parent/child relationship, and even fellow coworkers can be toxic. Remember that healthy relationships are supposed to leave you happy and energized while toxic relationships leave you feeling depressed and also depleted.

It’s important to consider that it takes two people to have a toxic relationship. Often we’ll look at the person who is toxic and blame them for everything, but it’s essential that the receiver of the toxicity has to ask themselves why would they want to be in that sort of relationship in the first place.  For more information about the types of toxic relationships, check out this article by Health Scope Magazine that explains…

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