We sipped the Brew…

As we talked about all those kept secrets locked away within each of us

An Ancient Grimoire turned to page 19 revealed that recipe to unlock his stubborn heart

We shared in the Olde Ways of Magick as the twilight began to sprinkle off into the darkness of the evening

One more stir Widdershins…

Etching Runes
Weaving Spells
Crystal Jars

Rousing them with our intent

Directing it to do our bidding

Sitting around the table together had become a sort of personal art for us

The Moon was waxing that night and she wore an Amber Healing Stone around her neck

I do believe someone said the Moon was circling another planet but that’s ok because they seemed to balance each other outThe timing was perfect

Spoken Words laced with laughter
Atmosphere filled with vibrations
Then we started to dance to our Spells

My life fell into place that night

I was told

…that is how Magick is made!


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4 Responses to OLDE WAYS

  1. How wonderful and poetic do you mind if i can post this on my tumblr (I’ll make sure to credit you)

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