Candles come in a great number of sizes shapes and types of candles

Drip and Dripless
Fragrant and Unscented
HouseHold Grade and Fine Quality

Few Spells actually call for a specific kind of candle most Spells can be done with any candle the Practitioner chooses as long as the color is compatible with the objective to be accomplished


BLUE: truth ~ health ~ wisdom ~ loyalty ~ serenity ~ patience ~ peace ~ harmony in the home

BROWN: balance ~ concentration ~ study ~ earth

BLACK: evil ~ loss ~ protection from evil spirits ~ evil eye ~ adversity

GREEN: abundance ~ fertility ~ luck ~ success ~ money ~ greed ~ envy ~ healing

ORANGE: joy ~ intellect ~ legal ~ contracts ~ self-control ~ attraction

PINK: honor ~ spiritual awakening ~ friendship ~ leadership ~ femininity ~ diplomacy

PURPLE: dignity ~ ambition ~ idealism ~ power ~ independence ~ witchcraft ~ pride ~ protection ~ psychic ability

RED: life ~ love ~ sex ~ courage ~ energy ~ strength ~ fire ~ passion ~ will power ~ vitality

YELLOW: unity ~ creativity ~ invoke spirits ~ inspiration ~ occult ~ concentration

WHITE: purity ~ truth ~ spirituality ~ wholeness ~ generosity ~ cleansing ~ respect ~ innocence ~ prophesy ~ clairvoyance ~ sincerityYOUR OWN PERSONAL COLOR CANDLE

How does one select something so important?

Which color candle is the clearest brightest and most attractive to you?

Which color do you feel?

Some of us might know immediately what our personal candle color is

But if not…the choice is not clear to you do this

Glance around your favorite room in your home what colors are to your liking in that room

Look in your closet what do you see of the shades of colors in there of your clothing

Write the colors down which color do you use the most?

You’ll soon discover your personal color!


1 Black Candle to repel the bad influences

1 White Candle to draw the good vibrations to you

On a piece of parchment paper write in a word or 2 the bad influence you want to rid out of your life

Fold it 3x and place it under the Black Candle

On another small piece of parchment paper write down a positive intention you want to draw into yourself

Fold it 2x and place it under the White Candle

In the Evening light the White Candle first then the Black Candle

Say 9x

Let the good come in as the bad goes out

Let the day be bright and the night be stilled

Let my mind be clear Let my heart be stout

Let my soul be free and my eyes with beauty filled

Allow both Candles to burn themselves out down to their wicksNo complications are necessary in Candle Spells just sit quietly for a few minutes blocking out all other thoughts from the mind except the purpose the Candle is burning for


Whatever your intention of the Spell the successful conclusion you anticipate should be forcefully brought clearly into your view

See it sharply

The definite results as you know they will be

Contemplate it Meditate it to its successful purpose


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