Summoning rituals of Paimon & protection


Getting in touch with Paimon and summoning rituals of her

In this post, I am going to analyze some ways someone can summon Paimon under protection (not necessarily protection from Paimon). I have to warn some people firstly and do not take my advice lightly: Be, Respectful. If you saw my previous post which I advise you to do so, you’d realize that Paimon has really a charismatic and warm personality that is very rare; and that is nothing to who she truly is. However this does not mean you should not show respect torwards Paimon. If you do not respect Paimon she will not respect you and if you are rude she will be as well and I promise you will not like it. Paimon deserves respect, but also you should appreciate that such a warm entity comes to you, to your summoning and respect that. If you respect her she will respect you as well and if you’re…

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