What Is A Bind Rune Stone?


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bind rune necklaceHand made bind rune amulet by psychic medium Ian Scott – Available on Etsy>

What Are Bind Runes

What are bind runes? What’s their purpose? To increase the power and combine two or more of the rune stones magic into one positive precise magic symbol. An ancient practice is known as binding or combined rune magick. In the example below this bind rune is specifically designed for personal protection. These bind runes will only work when made and carved by a shaman.

Bind Rune Talisman Fehu And Uraz

Bind Rune Stone Amulet Clay Sculpture Silver Setting And Leather Necklace by Psychic Medium Ian Scott. Limited edition only five available. This protection rune stone amulet is a bind rune a combination of Fehu and Uraz from Freyr’s Aett of the elder futhark or Viking runes. It is specifically designed for the highest of protection from the supernatural to physical harm. A…

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