You don’t really know yourself before your Soul has shown itself to you in that Black Mirror

A Personal Tool to bring your hidden knowledge forth

Foretelling the Future
Personal Growth

There has been days I stared blankly at the Sky as the Clouds drifted by seeing in those Clouds


Haven’t you?

Scrying into a Black Mirror means getting into a relaxed meditative state and focusing on those faces shapes and symbols and trying to interpret what message they for usFirst up…you will need a Black Mirror

Everyone I know has made their own Black Mirror which is very simple to make with a very inexpensive means of production

And of course made with your own energy

You will need a picture frame with the clear glass inside of it

Any size
Any shape
Any design frame

Will do it’s your own Personal Tool made by you and with your liking

You can hang it on the wall or stand it on a tableOnce you have the mirror picked out then you will need a can of “glossy” black spray paint

Make sure it is “GLOSSY”

And lots of newspaper

Take the glass out of the frame and lay it upon a thick layer of newspaper

Spray the glass with an even coat of paint not missing any of the glass

You will spray paint only one side of the glass

Let that dry for 9 hours

After that give the glass on the same side a second coat of black glossy spray paint and allow that to also dry for 9 hours

Once completely dry place the glass turned into a mirror back into its frameNow what you have is a Black Mirror so it’s time to make it yours Personally


In a clear glass jar with a lid fill it 3/4 the way with your favorite dried herbs and flowers and 1 of your best crystals

Then add 3 drops of your blood into the jar along with everything else and add to the top covering all the plant matter with rubbing alcohol and lid it tightly

Leave it sit over night

The next day strain it well remove all bits and pieces of the herbs and flowers and the crystal

And with a clean cloth dab some of this liquid on it and gently rub it all over the mirror and frame

Cleanse it well…then let it air dry and be still for the next 24 hours

Store the remaining liquid mixture in a clean glass bottle with a lid for future cleansing

Do this before and after each useMIRROR OF MY SOUL

Let me see the rightful truth of destiny

As it has become time to open myself to its Spirit

To begin shut the electric lights off completely

no TV
no Computer
no Phone

And light the room with candles so that the Spirit that now lives within your Black Mirror can be seen to you by the way of its Shadows

And burn some soothing incense

Take a few minutes to get into a relaxed meditative state

Take some slow deep breaths and release all tensions from your body

When you feel calm and centered stare in the mirror

Don’t rush it

Let the process take its course

Keeping your eyes just a slight bit out of focus

And let your thoughts flow where they willYou might not see anything the first few times you do this so don’t get discouraged that’s normal but with practice you eventually will

I suggest writing down the experience and if you did see images make note of them because the meaning of those symbols and shapes might just become apparent to you later on

Journal along to understand if those images make any sense to you

Can they be applied to some circumstances in your life


You will need

1 Ball glass jar with a lid or any glass jar you have handy that can take hot boiling water being poured into it

3 Votive Black Candles

1 Black Mirror

Good healthy handful of fresh Mugwort herb3 small slips of paper

1 black ink pen

To begin boil water in the tea kettle

While that is getting hot put the Mugwort into the glass jar

Set up the 3 candles in a place they will not be disturbed along with the Black Mirror

Once the water is boiling pour it in the jar over the Mugwort lid it tightly and let it steep till it gets lukewarm

Now you have made an Infusion and it’s ready to be strained by removing the Mugwort from it

Pour some of it into a Chalice and place that by the candles and mirror

Think about the protection you want

Finding a solution to the problem your struggling with

Envision the mirror awakening to you

Talk to it…to the Spirit that lives inside of that mirror!

Look deep inside it

Write down on each slip of paper with the black ink pen what you want to accomplish

Fold the slips of paper in half and place one under each candle

Light the candles

Keeping your thoughts on your intention pour some of the Mugwort Infusion on a clean cloth and gently bathe the mirror with it
fair creature of psychic light
protection kept within my sight

lovely oracle of magick spell
truest answers to me do tell
Burn each slip of paper in the candle flame it rests underneath

Allow the candles to burn themselves out

Bottle any left over Mugwort Infusion and label it

Mugwort is a powerful herb to consecrate objects with such as jewelry crystals or stones for the most needed protection for yourself


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