Divination: Cleromancy


Cunning Witch

Here’s another in my divination series. If you enjoy divination, check out my previous divination blogsHereandHere.

Today we’re going to talk a little about Cleromancy aka Casting Lots.

The word Cleromancy dates back to the 1600’s and is translated from the French as “divination by dice”. The practice goes back farther than that and is talked about in the bible nearly 100 times. This form of divination was practiced in Ancient Egypt, Ancient China and in Ancient Rome, where it was typically consecrated to the god Mercury, regarded not only as the patron of cleromancy, but also the God of Communication. Today it’s known colloquially as the Casting of Lots.

These lots are usually bones or stones, although they can really be anything—sticks, coins, blocks of bamboo, shells, dried beans, figurines or anything else you can shake and toss like you would dice. Unlike regular dice…

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