Mantras: What they are and how to create them


Holistic Experiment

What are mantras?

Mantas are sacred sounds that are chanted or spoken by someone who is praying, meditating or want to improve their life.

The word mantra means “sacred sound” and are thought to hold both psychological and spiritual power because it has the ability to clear out the mind and help us focus our thoughts from the constant swirling of the mind.

Mantras help us control the mind as well as retrain and rewire the brain by giving one the power to chose our thoughts and change your life. A mantra is anything that makes the mind steady or calm.

What’s the science behind this?

The mind’s job is to constantly scan the world and ask itself if we are safe and if we belong where we are standing. Sometimes, when we cannot stop thinking or overanalyzing, our mind controls us through anxiety because it’s thinking of the worst…

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