3 Super Easy Acts of Kitchen Witchery That You Can do Today!


GypsyWytch Diaries


If you’re at all immersed in the online witchy community, doubtlessly, you’ve come across the term “Kitchen Witch,” but what exactly makes a kitchen witch?

After all, we all have kitchens, and if you’re reading this blog, you’ve definitely got the magick in you… So aren’t we all kitchen witches in a way? We all certainly can be, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or time-consuming!

All you need to get started is the intention to infuse good vibes into your home and your food, and you’re already well on your way!

Today, I’m just going to scratch the surface of the concept of Kitchen Witchery by sharing a little story about how I learned just how powerful it is to work in tandem with Mother Earth in the kitchen. I’ll also be sharing a little Kitchen Witchery incantation and some simple practices that I like to use to…

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