Magical Gardening


Cunning Witch

When most people think about gardening, they probably imagine tomato plants or marigolds. They think about mulch and weeds. When I think about gardening, I imagine what it is I can plant that will not only nourish my body, buy my mind and soul as well.

Magical gardening is a time honored tradition for me. It’s a tradition I started 25 years ago when I got married the first time around and had my own first home. I began with daffodils because they were then and remain now, my favorite flower of all time. Growing up in Baltimore City was not always fun for me. I do not like cities at all. It’s saving grace was the fact that every Spring the center median of the main road near my home, Loch Raven Blvd., would start blooming daffodils. A sea of daffodils in an otherwise dreary, filthy neighborhood really…

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3 Responses to Magical Gardening

  1. chris jensen says:

    where do i live?

    On the Pacific Ocean, darling!

    By an by lov the post….

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