Healing with Plant Spirits


Plants Are My Medicine

Did you know that you can use plant spirits for healing? Plants and herbs are the root of ancient medicine. These devotional plants are still used today among native tribes. Learn how to use plant spirits for healing with this small list. Whether hanging dried flowers in the home, growing plants indoors, or diffusing essential oils, these plant spirits can offer deep healing.


The basil plant spirit evokes fertility and love. Basil is the natural protector of family. When you wear basil or basil scented essential oils, it will blend your energy with clashing personalities. Basil will stimulate your conscious mind. Basil invokes happiness. Basil oil is associated with clairvoyance, divination, and bringing out honesty.

White Ceremonial Sage

Most everyone is familiar with burning of sage to clear negative energy. The plant spirit of white sage brings wisdom and neutralizes negativity. Sage is a great choice to diffuse in the home.

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