Lime-Limencillo Martini



Lime-Limoncello Martini Lime-Limoncello Martini

There were fresh lemons from a friend’s backyard), a bottle of Limoncello and of course there is always vodka. Thought of sprucing up the lazy weekday night by mixing these up into Lime-Limoncello Martinis.. It’s a mix of sweet and tangy and it’s pretty refreshing as cocktails go.

Lime-Limoncello Martini Lime-Limoncello Martini

This Lime-Limoncello Martinis have a lovely yellow hue to it that, made me happy just by looking at it. Here is the recipe to make this citrus sweet martinis which are nothing but an alcoholic lemonade.

If you like summery cocktails loaded with berry flavors, check out these cocktails – Strawberry Mojito, Mango Margarita

Lime-Limoncello Martini Lime-Limoncello Martini


  • 1½ oz Vodka.  (I used regular Greygoose Vodka)
  • 1½ oz Limoncello (I used the Pallini brand from Trader Joe’s)
  • 1 lemon juiced
  • 1 Lime juiced
  • 2 tsp simple syrup or use sweetener like Agave
  • Thin lemon slice, for garnishing…

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