Wild Violet Sugar


Witchery Wednesday


With their gorgeous deep purple flowers, violets have ties to springtime, childhood, memory, and nostalgia.  But we’ve also found that—especially in this amalgamation—they are fantastic for deepening connections, and for use in combining and stabilizing individual components into a whole.  A pinch added to teas or other edible workings can be especially helpful on days when you are feeling unbalanced, things aren’t coming together quite as smoothly as you’d like, or you are just needing a little extra oomph.

This is more method than exact recipe, and the amounts pretty much only depend on how much you want to make.  You will need the following:

A glass jar with tight fitting lid
Organic cane sugar

Make sure to gather the violets from an area where there are no pesticides or animal waste.  Give each blossom a brief inspection and bit of a shake to ensure there are no creepy…

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