What are Mala Beads?


Holistic Experiment

Malas or Tibetan Buddhist malas are strings of prayer beads that are used during changing or meditation. They’re used to focus ones awareness and concentration during spiritual practice. The word “mala” means garland or rosary in Sanskrit.

They are usually made from sandalwood, body seeds or semiprecious stones beads like quartz, jade or amber. The most common malls are the 108 bead full mall and the 27 bead wrist mala. The malls have a larger, decorative meru or guru bead and a spacer bead. There’s also one to four dividers beads and some have additional silver or gold counters are there to keep track of the hundreds and thousands of bhums or repetitions of 108.

The beads are strung with a burgundy or maroon chord, which symbolizes the unbroken lineage teachings and bloodline of the Buddha.

Malas are used to count mantra recitations and to focus during practice. You hold…

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