The Magic Wand


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In our neverending research about wands, we come across articles of interest that are fascinating and always thought to provoke a sense of wonderment. Explore the links provided.

The use of the magic wand can be traced back to proto-Indo-European times, as shown by its appearance in both Zoroastrianism as well the early Hinduism.

Zoroastrianism and the Magi

The magi of the ancient world were the priesthood of the Zoroastrian religion. As Plato noted, magic (mageia) refers to “the Magian lore of Zoroaster” (Alchibiades1.122). The baresman (Phl. barsom), or sacred bundle of twigs (or “slender wands”), is a ritual implement which has played an important part in Zoroastrian religious practices since prehistoric times. According to Kotwal and Boyd, the baresman is an “ancient Indo-Iranian emblem of seeking the Holy”, and it “establishes a connecting link between this getig [material] world and the menog [spiritual] realm. The…

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