Creation: Origin of corn


Shamanic Paths

Indian corn Flesh of the corn maidens

“It is well, ” replied the strangers, “yet life you did not bring. Behold!” and they set apart eight days, during which they danced and sang a beautiful dance and prayer song, and at the end of that time, they took the people of the Seed Clan to the valleys. Behold, indeed! Where the plumes had been planted and the Tchu’-e-ton-ne placed grew seven corn-plants, their tassels waving in the wind, their stalks laden with ripened grain.

“These,” said the strangers, “are the severed flesh of the seven maidens, our sisters and children. The eldest sister’s is the yellow corn; the next, the blue; the next, the red; the next, the white; the next, the speckled; the next, the black; and the last and youngest is the sweet-corn, for see! even ripe, she is soft like the young of the others.

“The first is of…

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