WICKED art thou


POWERFULLY I have more than a sneaky suspicion that my wishes will come true

I go through my life perhaps a little cautious of those weary strangers that decide out of nowhere that they want to strike up a conversation with me

As I stand firm and melt a look that I am in complete awe of my own powerMYSTICAL am I drawn to beautiful rocks stones and crystals which are small pieces of the Earth’s energy

For as long as I can remember I have collected along my walks in the neighborhood I live in

Bird Feathers
Crisp Leaves
Ocean Water

For my SpellWork in


And those items that have protective benefits to create a more Magickal vibe

Wearing those special stones and crystals in jewelry as I light some candles and incense as an invitation to the Spirits and the Angels as I continue to write what could become my best selling novelMAGICK as a child I did so much believe in Magick

I saw it in the air and in my life from that very young age

Drawn by Magickal


Despite the rest of the World not believing

I always saved some room in my heart for those wonderful tales of

of the Unknown

And spooky movies

There is no such thing as a coincidence I was told everything means something as we are not really alone here on this mortal landOUTSIDER was I as it seemed like I never quite fit in to the “norm” whatever that means!

It was like I had my nose pressed against the glass of life looking in but not invited in

That’s when I came to learn there was something different about myself something


I held within me a Magick very few others could ever understand or others could even see about me

I turned out to be a lone wolf a powerful one at that who shy’d away from big crowds and that made me realize I just was a bit more sensitive then othersSTORM how I just adore a good dark healthy Storm brewing

I revel in its power

A place where I can invigorate my


A place within the eye of the Storm that I feel


And I am never afraid…MOON floods me with its light

I am drawn to it
Pulled by it
Move with it

Since I was a little girl I have gazed into the Moon’s energetic language which made me go a little crazy

On the nights of the Dark of the Moon I would sit with it and its emptiness and think together about the soon to come potential and possibilities and dream up some new plans for usPAST LIFE MEMORIES I recall images of being

Cast out
Burned at the stake
Drowned in a body of water

Some painful memories of someone’s past life

Or was it mine?

I found scars on myself from just being different

A bit Wild
A bit Wise
A bit Wicked

But I came to realize its time to move forward

It is time to heal the past

I want to recharge myself and redream my thoughts

Replenish this Olde Spirit

Oh! How our Souls sit yearning in creative fire as it patiently waits for us to finally let goWhere there is Woman there is Magic



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6 Responses to WICKED art thou

  1. Beautiful, I wish I had the gift, the ability to write and express my thoughts and feelings like this.💜

  2. phoenixmoon9 says:

    Beautiful post! Life IS magick indeed. Once one realizes they create their own reality anything is possible! Blessings to you! ❤

  3. chris jensen says:

    Hello darling!

    i’ve finally got an old computer some what working that i may make post and also catch up on some very important friends…

    i’ve been struggling, however have felt help from mystical sources…


    Please enjoy your morning coffee this Sunday, an please think of me, as i will be thinking of you!

    Within a slow blink, quick soft wink and a loving kiss placed upon the back of your hand…


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