1 part motherwort
1 part sage

1 part nettle leaves
1 part lemon balm

1 part mugwort leaves
1 part chaste tree berries
1 part horsetail

Blend and Mix all the herbs together

Put the blend in a Tea Ball and place in one of your favorite cups or mug

Pour boiling water over it

Cover and let steep 9 minutes

Remove the Tea Ball

Add if you like

Cream etc

A Tea that will “balance” a Woman’s delicate system with the beauty she holds from the inside outHAPPY MAN TEA

1 part siberian ginseng
1 part dandelion root

1 part nettle
1 part marshmallow root

1 part burdock root
1 part hawthorn

1 part saw palmetto berries
1 part fennel seed

1 part wildoats
pinch of stevia

After a nice hot cup of this Magickal Brew…well…let’s just say…it will be time to climb into bed and enjoy!START YOUR DAY TEA

This Magickal Brew is used by many before they head out the door to work or their place of business

Or for those who would prefer a much more productive day in store for themselves

It’s a very simple Tea that carries along with it a powerful agenda

In a cup add

1 cinnamon stick for warmth and energy

3 sprigs fresh thyme for money and protection

Pour hot boiling water over it

Let it steep then drink it downYour day shall bring to you great promise ❀

For fresh or dried flowers buds and leaves for Tea steep for around 6-9 minutes according to how strong you like your Tea

For roots seeds and berries the steep time is increased to around 11-19 minutes

In order to extract the full flavor and magick of the herbsHAVE a BEAUTIFUL DAY and a MAGICKAL WEEK πŸ’‹


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  2. Fabulous post my lady really interesting and some herbs quite revealing be safe be well always in my πŸ™ hugs and love always ❀️X Ian

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