Lady’s Slipper


Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Cypripedium pubescens

Also Known As:

  • American Valerian
  • Lady’s Slipper
  • Moccasin Flower
  • Nerveroot
  • Whippoorwill’s-shoe
  • Yellow Indian Shoe

Lady’s slipper is a perennially growing herb that reaches a maximum height of one to two feet. The stems of this herb produce oval-shaped leaves that are about 8 inches in length. Each plant produces a single flower during the period of April and June. The color of lady’s slipper flowers varies from yellowish to purplish-brown and are borne at the top of an elongated stalk. One petal of the flower changes into a structure akin to a yellow sac, known as the ‘slipper’.

Lady’s slipper is indigenous to the forests and meadows in North America. The herb has a plump rootstock that gives rise to numerous curved stems covered with bristles. The stems bear alternate leaves and typical golden yellow blooms. Lady’s slipper is a gorgeous member of the orchid family and possesses…

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