re-wilding myself


The Forest floor was soft and spongy just like a comfortable mattress that awaited me deep within the Woods

A glorious walk in the Woods

To listen to its sounds

Watch the creatures run wild

While I scampered around making an attempt to catch a Forest Fairy…

It was like a personal excitement that was unlike anything I have ever felt before

Like discovering a secret door to a World that spoke to my true heart

So how could I not take a peek in…The moment I looked in I fell under the Spell of the Enchanted Forest as I saw

Beautiful Woodlands that were magnificent in breath

Some were Olde

Even Ancient

Some were Magickal

All around there was a tale to tell

Delicate Moss
Incredible Mushrooms
Lovely Flowers

…and Magickal Creatures

So I decided to slowly open the door look around a bit more then I walked through

It was in that Forest where my Magickal Spells became rejuvenated

Spells that could persuade the sky to turn into beautiful cloud scapes

Where the trees did bend to greet me

And the Birds whistled a song

An evening that began to fill with fog

I just had to dwell for awhile in the shadows lain down by the trees under a cover of rainIt was as

Simply as Possible


Balance and Harmony


Growing Life

…and that my Friends was a beautiful thing!GOING HOME

Is was time to depart from the Enchanted Forest

I had taken with me an overwhelming sense of trust in my own intuition

The gifts I brought home were that the mystique of my Path

Takes Skill
Takes Practice
Takes Creativity

I entered back into the Power of Living in a City and it felt good to be back homeYes…the City has its own energies

Look at the stature of those buildings

I weave my own Magickal workings into those places and it reminds me of my own strength everytime I step outside

The rush of City life fires up my Soul

It becomes the ability to handle what can’t be understood by some even misunderstood by others

A rush to a place where I can’t wait til I get there relates to something as being unfriendly

I walk to find a space that holds a special meaning where I can let go of some of my passions

Plenty of places to go to where I am still a stranger to but will welcome me with open arms

Along the way…

In my fast pace style

I find a penny on the sidewalk

Find a penny
Pick it up
All day long
You’ll have good luckSo I pick it up after I say the words that go along with finding a penny and then put it in my pocket til I get home and continue on my way

All those collected lucky pennies I found on the City streets go into a glass jar for a Luck Charm or maybe I’ll conjure a few into a Spell for someone


For yourself or someone else you must “find” a penny that has the year on it that the person was born

Once you have found one

Put the penny face up on the center of the right palm of your hand

Cup it tightly with the left palm and think about the person it is for

How it can bring goodness into that person’s life

Feel the penny in your palms and charge it with your positive energy

Keep it with you or give it to your friend for whom ever it was meant to be for

In your pocket or wallet away from the other coins

Remember not to spend it

That Lucky Penny shall bring to you…many good things

…just a bit of City Magick ❤


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5 Responses to re-wilding myself

  1. I love this. What a lovely contrast between city and forest… I too have a found penny jar 🙂

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