As I looked up to the clear sky last night I saw that Crescent Moon looking back at me and it reminded me of what we should be doing for this current Moon Phase

It is time for a little Self Magick

Something as selfish as just for all “Me”

That special magnetic energy from the Waxing Crescent Moon is for us to help build the things we want for ourselves and our lives

Things to “finally start” because if you don’t start them Ladies who will?

How many of us (especially women) keep putting our needs wants and desires on hold because we are too wrapped up helping and doing for others?

Yes…Ladies guilty as charged!

Today or Tonight give yourself a bit of yourselfWhat inspiration and passion do you want to add to your life

Perhaps a…

More positive attitude
More patience
More understanding

In your relationships

Start a new project
Make plans for your future
Self improvement

Let the Crescent Moon

Pull it towards you
Draw it inwards
Grow it within yourself


…just for you


1 vibrant orange candle – this color candle evokes

IndividualityBegin this Spell either at Sunrise or Sunset during any Waxing Crescent Moon

A few days after the New Moon just look up at the Sky to see a slim crescent of the moon as it begins to grow into a full moon

You will also need

3 small slips of paper
1 orange ink pen (crayon or marker is ok)
3 inches orange string or thread

Light the orange candle in a quiet room peaceful with no distractions what so ever

Keep you in your thoughts mind and energy

On the 3 slips of paper write down

1 thing to add to your life
1 thing to minus from your life
1 thing that makes you very happy

Layer the slips of paper one on top of the others and bind them tightly with the orange thread

Keep the candle burning for around 1 hour giving yourself some me time to unwind meditate and relax

Then snuff out the candle and put it aside for the Night of the very next Full Moon

Take the binding papers put them away for safe keeping for now

During this time in between the Crescent Moon turning into a Full Moon keep your mind focused on what you wrote down on those 3 slips of paper

And how to take the first steps needed to get the ball rolling

Write your ideas down in your Journal everyday and build off of themWhen the Full Moon comes around relight the same Orange Candle

Take the 3 slips of bound with orange string papers and burn them in the candles flame

Review the writings in your Journal and begin to bring the things you want into your life to yourself

Every little first step leads to a positive second step and so on…

Let the candle burn for awhile as much time as you want burn it everyday or every night and while the candle is burning get out your Journal to continue writing on your goals and jotting down what you have already started the progress and the outcome of it

Maybe a few things might need to be adjusted for the better etc

Do this til the candle has burned itself out

Anyone Artistic

Will find this time of the Waxing Crescent Moon as the best time to bring inspiration their way

While their creative juices will begin to flow if they allow them to

The Moon moving from Crescent to Full is a time of


You just need to apply yourself and


Clear your head of all that is


And have a little “fun” and confidence in yourself within these days of the constructive growing energy of the Crescent Moon as it will bring the creativity you have been looking for and crave your way as long as you let it in 💜 and please don’t forget to smile!


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6 Responses to CRESCENT MOON

  1. Peppermint says:

    All good things to do for oneself for improvement. Really like this.

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