Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Buckeye


Mountain Man Traditional Healing

Buckeye – Aesculus pavia (Red Buckeye)

Parts used: nut

Traditional uses: Nut carried for rheumatism. Crushed nuts used externally in salves for tumors, sores, and infections. Pounded roots and nuts used to stun fish. Infusion of roots used as bath for dyspepsia. Cold infusions used to stop bleeding during delivery. Used in eye washes.

*** Cautions: Fruit and plant mildly toxic ***

Nut used for luck and protection – “There is an old saying that no man was ever found dead with a buckeye in his pocket, but this is not to be taken seriously. Most people who carry buckeyes regard them as a protection against rheumatism, or hemorrhoids.” ~Randolph OMF 153

“To some people the buckeye means more than mere protection from piles and rheumatism. I once saw a young fellow with a very old truck, about to attempt the crossing of Bear Creek, in Taney county, Missouri…

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