Soul Work and Ritual for the First Quarter Moon in Virgo

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IG - Moon First Quarter (1)Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 6 of the lunar journey
First Quarter Moon in Virgo, arriving at:
July 1 @ 00:51 UTC
June 30 @ 5:51 PM Pacific Time / 8:51 PM Eastern Time
Moon Mansion 15, Al-Ghafr, until 01-JUL at 12:29 PT, then 16, Al-Zubana
Monthly Theme: Authentic Self (Re)Born

Relativity seems to be my keyword today…. for me, it feels as though the month and the year are speeding by so very quickly. I’m up in my head… thinking, creating, buzzing around in space which can be a typical First Quarter behaviour for me! Yet others in my circle say just the opposite. So relatively and perspective are definitely at play. I may have to shapeshift into a creature that experiences the world a little more slowly as I sit and contemplate my Soul Questions and Soul Work today!

This First Quarter brings…

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