Lavender (Lavandula)


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Lavender or as it’s scientific name, Lavandula Is an aromatic flowering plant of the mint family. This plant is commonly named after the colour of its bloom, however, it can also come in a light rose shade, a variety of blues or even white! This shrub that is native to the Mediterranean region, the Canary islands, Europe all the way to Northern and eastern africa, south-west Asia to south-east India bears flowers almost all summer long and even somewhat travels into autumn.
Brief History of Lavender 

During Roman times, lavender was harvested and sold to people to perfume bathwater and to wash their clothing. It’s late Latin name “lavandãrius” from Lavanda meant “things to be washed”. This was given due to its association with clothes-washing, washerwomen in medieval times were given the name lavenders due to how frequently it was used and associated with this task.
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