~ Tempest and Thunder ~


Tales of Love and Light

~ Tempest and Thunder ~

The title above, belies the actual intent of this Work. It describes, in its delivery, the accent on the positive in this interaction between the Muse and I.

There had been, to say the least, such tempest and thunder between us, to make any relationship shudder, and then flounder. Through it all, however, the draw between us seemed to zig zag, to follow an uneven path, with such detours, that it was more than just a simple human interaction. At times, it simply seemed that we were, indeed, graced by the Goddess and God, for without this complex interplay of the metaphysical, we certainly would not have been able to continue.

The Muse was coming to a point between us, that she was able to share more intimate times with each other. We had not, to this point, shared a literal bed between us, as…

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