There was a presence of leering human skulls that presided over the SpellWork

They were draped in tattered black garments

Three Magick workers in a once fluent language were summoned back to the mortal World

We waited…

As the Witches began rising up from their shadowy resting places came to greet us

A Craft that had been outlawed a personality that was feared as they continued to carry on with the secrets of a life once passed

Great wisdom like theirs could not stay buried beneath the soil for much longer it was time to unearth their secretsThe tides of Ancient Magick flowed into the World of today for those of us brave enough to call them up

I was willing to face my fears of the unknown and work my Magick in both the World of the Living and the other World of the Dead

Your Earthly person which is made up of your


Must be living on a very strong foundation

You cannot be a mess and a crumbling ruins of weakness

In order to attract the Spirits

If you are not standing on a strong foundation with your life tend to that first before you decide to Conjure any Spirit

Give yourself the nourishment it needs through


To help transform yourself into the proper vessel for the Dead to enter your life

Extending your intuitive senses will increase your Magickal power

But always keep in mind that each time you summon the Spirits they take a bit of your life force with them

So your well-maintained


Can become a battery for them to draw onIf you know you are ready then light a Candle so the flame is something from which the Dead can draw comfort and inspiration from a form of initially attracting them to your call

You must have a sharp stable mind

Be strong in will

And have great imagination free of delusion and fear


You will be dealing with forces that are


And therefore you must be at your best and just as Crafty and Cunning as they are if you wish for them to heed to your call

No Fear as fear is found to be at the root of most unsuccessful attempts in everything we do

Set your Soul free

…just don’t forget

As you balance between Worlds to always keep one foot firmly planted in the mortal World ~ don’t slip ~ from where the simple pleasures of the flesh live

Light a Black Candle

Acquire a Human Skull

Visit the Graveyard at Midnight

For ambience is a vital element of MagickThe appropriate surroundings will help the Witch attain a mood conducive to Magick

A Candlelit room drenched in Shadows

A Forest under a Full Moon night

A Cemetery over run with Weeds

Create the perfect atmosphere then invite the Spirits of the Dead to join you

Immerse everything you have into the Magick

Then surrender yourself to the Art of Witchery

Maybe the time has come for you to sweep off those olde dusty relics known as Spell Books

To begin to pick at the hidden bones of truth

…and listen very closely

For the whispers of the Dead just might be calling out to you!


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3 Responses to WITCH BONES

  1. Another fabulous post Jinx X Love it … Ian XOXO šŸ’•

  2. KaylaB says:

    beautifully crafted! xo

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